About Us

Rozzet studio is a team of Pro photographers and videographers committed to telling your wedding story in a catchy and cinematic way. We’re a modern brand with active and passionate camera enthusiasts who don’t look back when it comes to photography and videography.

we stand out as one of the premier companies that offer luxury wedding cinematography/photography. We believe in the power of pictures and videos, and go extra miles to ensure that you can reminisce on your wedding moments with smiles. We don’t just cover your wedding event and take pictures; we create memories, and that is the basis of our outstanding services.

At Rozzet Studio, we treat each client like they are our first and last client. We understand how well you’ve planned your wedding and the need to create indelible memories. So when we cover your wedding, we go far and beyond to ensure we capture those moments you’ll never forget. Ranging from the dressing room to reception, we capture the romance, laughter, joy and exciting moments. We’re passionate about providing the best quality video and photography services to all our clients, so you get the best with us.

Your memories are important. Your wedding story should be documented as it is, uniquely yours, unscripted and genuine. Photographs are not only beautiful and artistic, they are a heritage. And your heritage should be real and authentic. We strongly believe that photography represents a legacy for the generations to come and that they should be printed and remembered in the way they were taken .

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